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Welcome to the portfolio site for Wayne Fidler. I'm a UI/UX designer and front end developer, specializing in the creation of rich, data-driven interactive experiences, with such tools as Flash/Flex/AIR, Javascript/JQuery, HTML/CSS, MySQL, PHP, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.

Clyfford Still Museum Interactives
EMP Avatar Plant Designer Exhibit
Univ. of Washington Wayfinder
Solar PDX Website
New York Botanical Garden Microsite
Aquifer CMS IA & UI Design
Umpqua Bank Content Modules
Wet Alberta Motion Graphics
Build Natural Website
Wet Alberta Animated Maps
Timeline Microsite
Collective Boom - UI/UX Design
Gerding Edlen Website
Mindermast Social Network
Online Student Assessment Tool
Revealing Bodies Museum Exhibit
Clyfford Still Timeline Kioskclient: Belle & Wissell/Clyfford Still Museum, Denver
The new Clyfford Still Museum in Denver features two interactive exhibits; one is a multitouch timeline of the artist's life spanning 4 displays. The other is an HD video player controlled by a jog dial selector. Under the direction of Belle+Wissell, I developed and installed the exhibits.
Avatar Plant Designerclient: client: Belle & Wissell/Experience Music Project, Seattle
As part of the Avatar exhibit at the Experience Music Project's Science Fiction Museum, visitors can create their own Pandora plant and see it displayed across three remote displays. I developed both the touchscreen kiosks and the back end application to store and display the plant configurations.
University of Washington - Wayfinder Kioskclient: Belle & Wissell/UW
The University of Washington's Foster School of Business needed to give their wayfinding interactive kiosk a facelift, and add in additional functionality for a new building on campus. Belle & Wissell designed and directed the project, and I was hired to implement the new application.
Solar PDXclient: Portland State University
This site is an experiment in the benefits of combining solar arrays with a green roof. The site focuses on public education, and includes visualizations of real-time data, interactive learning modules, and a back-end admin area to help manage the database.
Plant Hunters Micrositeclient: Second Story/New York Botanical Garden
Second Story designed this virtual plant hunter for the New York Botanical Garden. I was hired to bring the design and illustrations to life with a Flash interface. The site features a VR-like exploring panorama of each of the seven rooms in the garden.
Aquifer: CMS Info Architecture and UI Designclient:, Portland OR brought me in to conceptualize and design a custom CMS for their Sky learning platform. Deliverables included functional wireframes, graphic ui design, and a working prototype built in Javascript and CSS.
Umpqua Bank Video Wall content modulesclient: Instrument/Umpqua Bank, Portland OR
Instrument, an interactive agency in Portland, developed a custom multitouch video display for Umpqua Bank. I was part of the team that built out specific content modules. These individual AIR applications were loaded into the core framework and configured with JSON data from Instrument's proprietary CMS.
Wet Alberta: Motion Graphicsclient: Northshore Productions, Portland OR
The Canadian Forest Service developed a series of videos to be projected at interpretive centers around Alberta. Northshore Productions asked me to create a series of animated sequences for the "Wet Alberta" piece. Working with an illustrator, I designed and animated several sequences along with all the titles for the piece.
Build Natural Websiteclient: Eagle Creek Natural Building, Eagle Creek OR
Eagle Creek is a Pacific Northwest contractor with a strong focus on building "living spaces" with all sustainable, non-toxic materials. They needed a website that reflects their dedication to living in harmony with our natural surroundings.
Animated Mapsclient: Northshore Productions, Portland OR
In a related project to the Wet Alberta motion graphics sequences for the Canadian Forest Service, I created a series of animated maps that illustrated environmental issues in various watersheds throughout Canada. I drew and styled the maps, composed the shots and animated the sequences using Adobe AfterEffects.
Helical Timeline Micrositeclient: Ziba Design/Proctor & Gamble, Portland OR
This helix-shaped timeline makes use of the Papervision 3D library for Flash. Each "node" represents a milestone in the timeline for one of Ziba's long-running projects. The 3D menu responds to mouse movement to create a compelling animated experience. The 3D "cards" can then be opened to reveal more information, links and downloads. The content is driven by XML data.
Collective Boom - Information Architecture & UX/UI Designclient: Collective Boom, New York NY
Collective Boom is a user-generated content community that connects musicans, composers, and film makers. The project is still under development. The principals pitched me the general concept, and I refined the features and user experience, delivering site blueprints and a fully realized UI design.
Gerding Edlen Websiteclient: Ziba Design/Gerding Edlen, Portland OR
Corporate site for a Northwest developer specializing in sustainable building practices and community development. This was a PHP-based site with Flash elements and driven by a custom CMS. The UI was designed by Ziba Design and I led the team that brought it to life.
Mindermast Recipe-Sharing Social Networkclient: Mindermast, Portland OR
Mindermast was a startup company that won a grant to create a social platform dedicated to sharing recipes, health tips, and lifestyle information. The site is still under development and incorporates a national nutritional database of 17,000 food ingredients. I created prototypes for the user interaction and site features. The prototypes were self-contained 'modules' that used dynamic data to simulate varying use case scenarios.
Online Student Assessment Toolclient: Wheelock College, Boston MA
Wheelock College was still using paper surveys to get feedback from their students on how to best shape their curriculum. I designed and put together a team to develop an online tool where faculty can create and manage surveys, as well as deploy them to students and analyze the response data.
Revealing Bodies Museum Exhibitsclient: The Exploratorium, San Francisco
The Exploratorium is a hands-on science museum in San Francisco. As a part of their 'Revealing Bodies' show, I was hired to develop a series of kiosks depicting various exhibit themes. Visitors could also register and log in with their fingerprint, answering questionnaires to guide discussion on the controversial subject matter.
Wayne Fidler, Media Mongrel

My name is Wayne, I’ve been crafting interactive experiences since the mid 1990’s. Originally from Massachussetts, I moved to upstate new York in 1991 to attend Syracuse University. There I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation and Video Production.

After graduating in 1995 I moved to northern California, where the original dot com boom was just hitting its stride. I worked in various agencies and industries until I was hired to create exhibits for the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum in San Francisco. That experience sparked my passion for educational media, and I’ve spent a good part of my career pursuing similar work since then.

I consider myself to be a multimedia generalist, in that I’m adaptable to any number of roles within the development cycle. I’m comfortable doing anything from writing code to designing an interface, writing user profiles or sketching wireframes. As a freelancer, I also manage budgets and schedules, making me a project manager by default as well.

After a decade in Portland, Oregon, I’m once again living and working in beautiful northern California. When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my family, camping and hiking the incredible terrain of the American West.

Thanks for stopping by!